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What you need to know!

The team at RoofGuard can repaint your property and solve the heat problem with minimal disruptions to residents. Roof painting, exterior painting or interior painting… rejuvenating and maintaining your property is smart way to keep up the integrity of your property.

Roof painting stops heat entering your roof cavity and saves you money. We have a range of colours available and can match any Colorbond® colour.

Hot water from the tap when it should be cold?!

When cold water pipes run through the roof cavity many residents in the tropics face the hot reality of being scalded by the hot water coming out of the cold-water pipes, especially during the summer months.

In effect, having your plumbing running through the roof cavity can be a real pain! And having to waste water by running it out of the tap to reach some sort of coolness is just not cool in our already water-deprived city of Townsville.

Roof Painting for Body Corporate

Case Study: Riverplace Apartments, Fairfield

Hot, when it should be cold…

When we took on the project at the Riverplace Apartments, they had two major issues:

  • Faded, worn-out and damaged roof paint, due mainly to colour choice
  • Hot water in the cold tap, due to the pipes being in the roof cavities

Protective barrier from the elements

A light-coloured roof installation or white heat-reflective paint application on the roof minimises the sun’s heat stress on the roof and everything under it.

Stainers (or colour) in the base paint starts to eliminate the heat-reflective properties of any given paint product. Darker colour in the tropics when you do house painting or roof painting fade a lot quicker than the lighter colour choices.

Choosing the right materials

We repainted the black, green, red and blue roofs in sophisticated Colorbond® Surfmist® which solved the problem of the scalding hot water in the cold-water pipes.

Choosing a light colour also provides a “fresh for longer” roof look that can withstand the conditions in North Queensland.

The RoofGuard Difference

Do you want to see a demo of the RoofGuard difference?

When you book a quote, and upon request, we will bring you samples so that you can feel the difference in temperature on the spot.

If you want to know more about how we can beautify and cool your roof and property, fill out the quote form or give us a call on 0402110704.

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