No one else would do the job!

“No one else would do the job!”

Steve & Denise’s house is a unique one. There are only two houses of this design built in Townsville and they differ by the roof material type: the other one is a tiled roof. The unorthodox metal roof design is what scared other contractors off.

“No one else would do the job. They just walked away after seeing the roof.” This is not the first time we heard this when it comes to complex roof painting and house painting projects. Our experience, knowledge and have-a-go attitude is what won us the Master Builders Contractor of the year award in 2021 locally.

The most difficult part of the job was the limited access to the 400 pitched roof on both upper and lower levels. This made an elevated platform use impossible and we had to employ our LRS safety system along with the fall-arrest system we generally use on roof painting jobs.

We were engaged to repaint the roof, the gutters & fascia, as well as the exterior of the house. Thanks to our experienced and dedicated team, the painting itself (roof and the walls) was done in 5 days. This ensured that the customers experienced minimal disruptions and tradies on site, and they could return to their daily life quicker.

On this project we used our Roofguard Solar Reflect in white for the roof and the gutters, and Dulux Weathershield for the fascia which was done in Colorbond® Jasper®. The wall colour was an excellent customer choice and we used Taubmans® Taupe Stone colour to round up the new modern look of the home.

We left happy customers and we felt pretty chuffed about completing another house painting challenge.

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